I finally return to the scene. Yes, yes, I know it’s been such a long time and I have a lot to blog about. To start, however, I would like to post about something I have wanted to post for a long time after a little visit to a grocery store.

Has anyone ever noticed the strange things they have on the shelves these days? I mean, are they really serious and why would they do that? I’m not sure if any of you have noticed these things, but I certainly have and want to share this knowledge because of the oddness and hilarity of it all.

1) Green Maraschino cherries- Oh yeah, I said green. I came across these strange cherries when I was looking for fruit to put in this incredibly awesome korean summer treat. Now, I never knew green cherries existed or if that is even sanitary, but there were green cherries. Who would want to eat green cherries, I don’t know. I personally prefer the normal red cherries that cherries are supposed to be. Maybe it’s just color dye, a new flavor or a new fruit wide fungus. Maybe Sam I Am is head of the maraschino cherries production. Whatever it is, just keep a look out to see for yourself. Also, if anyone tries them, please tell me if they are good?

2) Hemp Milk- Is this made of artificial hemp or authentic hemp? Is it from California? I pretty much gawked at this packaged milk, not refrigerated but found in the aisle next to the carnation milk, for a good few minutes. Who knew you could put hemp in milk??? The world is full of surprises, is it not? I’m pretty sure hemp milk brings a new meaning to “milk does the body good” for a lot of people. Don’t get your hopes up, folks, because hemp milk does not contain THC (the main substance found in marijuana). In any case, I never expected to find anything with hemp in it on shelves.

3) Animal shaped vegan fruit snacks- My personal favorite. What cynic decides to make a vegan fruit snack and shapes them like all the animals vegans are avoiding to eat? Someone with a very, very sick but hilarious sense of humor. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I couldn’t stop laughing. You may call me cruel, but come on! How is that not funny? Sadistic, I agree, but whoever came up with that and whoever actually let it go through are humorists for sure. The shapes that I saw on my store trip were such animals as cats, dolphins and little baby duckies. I really wonder if anyone who took on the vegan lifestyle actually ate these? If any of you out there is one for crude humor, you might want to keep an eye out for these for your next gag gift for that vegan or vegetarian friend of yours.

This concludes my latest. I will do another bit of this if I find anymore strange foods, because this is pretty entertaining. I suggest that the next time you go shopping, or go with someone else and become completely bored, try looking for things that seem out of place or just plain wrong.


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