{February 24, 2011}   Love

Anyone who claims he or she can describe love, does not know love.

They do not know it fully or truly, or they have never known it all.

The one who says I will try to explain love, but I promise I cannot do it justice knows love.

They feel it deep in their beings and are drawn to it.

They will say passionate words of romance and phrases of love still…

because love itself is loved as well;

but they know that love can never be successfully described.

It can only be shown in action and words to the best of one’s ability.

Love has no true definition in any language.

Love’s only definition comes from the heart, which we can never put down in words.

A true “I love you” is not just three words.

“I love you” has more meaning than what a person who does not know love can see.

I know love. I love love. I cherish love, as I cherish the one that I love.

To say that one can describe love perfectly is a foolish claim.

To accept love and to accept that words can never describe its depth…

That reveals that love is every present in that one’s heart.

Love can never be fully understood;

Only experienced.


{February 23, 2011}   another day

Yesterday, I got unnessarily upset at the second person I so stated in the last blog. Again, it was because of the circumstances. However, my gf brought up that I missed her and it turns out that we were both waiting for the other to say something. Even if she is still hanging around… let’s say Weasles, I am glad that we are actually speaking again. I still think she should watch the company she keeps and not be around someone that pulls her down; I’m not backing off of that thought. However, only she can do somethign about it and I shouldn’t let it ride on me like it’s been.

In other news, Glee is getting ridiculously good. The last episode was just so awesome. I will warn you now that if you are a Glee fan and have not seen the latest episode and wish to see it, you may want to stop reading… AND GO WATCH IT, YEAH!? No, really. It’s incredible. They get drunk. Go. Do it.

In this latest episode, Blaine and Rachel have a spark. The gay guy? Yes, the “gay” guy. And at the end, all seems well when he claims to be 100% gay. Yeah right! Rachel kisses him and then all of a sudden he needs to go to the bathroom? He also glanced at Kurt before saying anything. That guy is not gay because he definitely got really happy done there. He had to go the the bathroom to calm himself down. That is exactly what I think! He just didn’t want to hurt Kurt. He’s sweet, but I beg to differ on 100% gay.

Well, this has been a… random report.

{February 22, 2011}   Seriously?

I don’t get people sometimes. I don’t get why they do what they do, and what reason they have for it. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about me. It’s just the way people go… but some people are just more absurd than others. Like people that say one thing and do the opposite, or people that act like assholes when you say something in a nice matter.

For instance, there was a girl, a friend, that was beating up on my girlfriend. She would hit her and choke her when she hugged her, in playfulness she says. I do have a friend that hits me too, usually after saying something incredibly stupid or perverted, but that doesn’t mean it’s an okay thing. Especially when you do it for no reason, and then literally choke her? I confronted the girl about it and asked her kindly if she would not do that and that it isn’t really nice or called for. She turned into a mega biotch and started to get snippy at me like I came up to her and started making jokes about her mother or something. A while after that, she avoided eye contact and wouldn’t speak to me just from asking her not to physically harm someone! After a while, she did calm down though, which I guess makes her have a little respect back… although I don’t doubt she’ll be talking about it in bad terms for a while.

Another thing is a girl that I used to be friends with that I do in fact miss who hasn’t got a clue in the world. She sticks around with a girl who slept with the guy she liked, told him when they were together that she was thinking of breaking up with him, and has really low morals. Now, I’m no genius, but even if you want to be a nice person, you shouldn’t hang around company that’ll drag you down. On top of that, she says she wants to be friends again, but can’t because of my girlfriend. I’m sure she’s content without that friendship because, frankly, she talks to my girlfriend a lot now and just passes me by. I would like to say, “hey, whatever. I get it.”, but it does hurt a little that when the exact opportunity she talked about as being the condition comes up, she just drops it. Typical.

I really rant a lot, I know. I’m trying not to make a habit of it. People just get to me, and my week has been a mess of downs with few ups. I’m sure that would get to anyone. I don’t understand people who act like things are generally not supposed to make any sense. This isn’t Wonderland, for crying out loud! Honestly, there’s really little wonderful about it except for the few sweet things in life like loving girlfriends and little brothers and children.

I guess if life was perfect though, it would be no fun. There would be no heartbreak, no tears, no war… but there would be no learning or experiencing, or good literature or interesting people.

et cetera