{March 2, 2011}   Rain

The rain was now the only sound in her ears. She was happy that there was only the constant pattering along the roof and windows, and the wet ground outside. She huddled in the corner of the small living room, in dim lighting alone; alone with only the raindrops splattering softly against the window’s glass.

The yelling had been overwhelming; the insults and the stomping had filled her with fear and distress. Fists clashing against tabletops, angry words flung back and forth, and even her soft whimpering were more than she could bear. But now, all that was heard was the steady noise of tiny water drops all around the house.

Both of them had gone for the time being. HE had went upstairs to sit in silence; SHE had taken the car and went out for a drive. The girl was left in silence. That was all she ever wanted was the silence. She never liked hearing the yelling, the insults, the stomping, the clashing, the anger. She couldn’t even remember the times when there was laughter, compliments, the hugs, the kisses, the happiness. Those were fading memories from when she was just a little child. Now, chaos took the place of the peace, and no one was happy. They weren’t happy and the girl wasn’t happy. Not even the sky was happy. Sweet words were rare; happy topics were unheard of.

Her sobs were now the only sound in her ears.


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