{March 8, 2011}   Welcome

So, here’s another random blog. It’s really been a while. I’ve got research papers, busy stuff to plan, and projects for classes coming up. This week is going to be hectic beyond belief. I hope my procrastination doesn’t get the better of me; that would be bad.

On another note, spring break is coming up. It’s like a breath of fresh air that I really, really need. I’ll be spending the week with my girlfriend and her family, who love me. It’s really refreshing and nice that they support her and like me so much. Can’t say the same for my parents, unfortunately. I really wish I could though. I really wish they would accept me, and her. But, they feel they have to protect my little brother, even if it means from me. It hurts, yeah, but that’s another reason why I’m more content with spending the week with my girlfriend rather than them. I don’t know about you, but being in an accepting, comfortable atmosphere sounds like it would be better to calm down my stressed nerves. On top of that, my girlfriend is comforting and loving, and cheers my spirits most days.

Other days, I can’t settle after seeing the face of pure slut-dome. Does anyone else ever have disdain for an ex? I always told myself that I would try to be friends with my exes, and I didn’t want to be the one that didn’t get along with them. However, that can’t be avoided when your exes are complete scumbags. It makes you wonder why you ever liked them in the first place. Their morals are horribly off, they think cheating’s okay, they take advantage of people in many ways, they are douches and jerks, they think they are above everything else… yeah, I know. I have issues with them. I think I broke my previous challenge, but a girl’s got to rant. When the keys are under my fingertips, and I let myself be pulled into typing and blogging, they always seem to come up. It’s not that I can’t believe people so unattractive and careless exist, it’s that I have known and even dated such people that I can’t believe. We all make mistakes, but the mistakes sometimes disgust you. At least now I have a girlfriend who actually has good thoughts in her head, and doesn’t go sleeping around with whoever she can find. She doesn’t do drugs, she doesn’t go get totally wasted, and she tries very hard to respect her girlfriend.

Next note: I discovered I can’t stand when people jsut sit back and let things happen to them and others. I’ve had this problem and now I am intent on changing it, so I am not the spineless person that just listens to every little thing someone says and drags herself into situations she’ll regret.

Another note: I want a kitty!!!!

Something else: Being worked into the ground by professors isn’t a college student’s only worry. Paying for college is another big one. I, myself, have experiences such obstacles as money issues because of college snatching away every cent. I’m going to graduate; there is no way in Hell I’m letting that money go to waste. Granted, I’ll be knee deep in loans after graduation, but I’m getting a degree and I’m going to do something with it!

I’m out. Deuces


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