{March 4, 2011}   Link It up!

But to where?

Does anyone else feel as lost as I do when your dash tells you that people have been setting up links to your blog that lead nowhere relevant or nowhere at all? Do you get that bubbly feeling like someone actually likes to hear what you have to say and you feel special, but then you just end up confused? My latest post rain was linked to a real estate site. The one before that was linked to an islamic site on the Quran. I know, weird.

What’s going on? Are these just random codes so you won’t really know where your links are or is this jsut to make you feel special… or is it stealthy marketing? I would really like to know, but chances are no one’s going to tell us. I just hope it’s not a stalker or something, but that’s far fetched. I’m going to go with sneaky salesperson tactics or just throwing random sites out there to make you feel like someone cares… Very tricky indeed.


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