{March 2, 2011}   Beezee and Yee!

I am starting a blog to share my experiences as I cook my way through Julia Child’s c- I’m just kidding. This is another random blog of mine.


First off, the title is called beezee and yee, two words I learned from a friend I met this semester who is from the Bay area in California. Now, the first I had heard once before but it was still a foreign term to me, as with Yee that I heard once in a song. Now, My gf and I use the terms all the time. Beezee can be good or bad, depending on the context. Beezee can refer to a girl that is a total jerk or “ho”, or it can be a joking term between friends. I find it humorous to watch one perform the  “tsk, what a Beezee!” phrase with a head roll and finger snap. Yee is like “Hell yeah!” and it is really fun to use as a call from across the grounds from one person to the other. “Yee!” “Yee!” There is your little bit of Bay area Cali knowledge for the day.

Next, I do have some things I want to rant about involving certain “beezees” but I am going to try this new thing called “Try to blog positive things with more poetry and stories and write non-publishable diary entries for rants for my eyes only or rant to a friend out loud for the negative”. I don’t think anyone wants to hear much of stupid selfish people anyways. But… we will see how long this lasts with how heated I am over these situations.

Finally… well, I really don’t have much to write about in this finally. Perhaps I’ll go add to my random writing collection on here.

Random Wisdom of the day:

In a choice between two people, with one you knew longer and needs you more, choose the one that needs you rather than the other. Then you won’t be a beezee. Yee!

And I think I’m already failing my new idea…


Kelsey says:

I like hearing about the beezees tho

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