{February 26, 2011}   WTF

I was on Facebook not too long ago, looking at the public feed. I came across a link on of my friends had liked, and liked it myself. This was what the link said:

16-year-old sees an 8 year old with an iPhone, make-up, skinny jeans and laptop.

16-year-old: O_O When I was your age I had Pokemon cards and chalks.

8-year-old: *talking on the phone* I love you! Talk to you later!* Yes, what do you want?

16: Aww, was that your mom?

8: No, ew grow up. It was my boyfriend!

16: O_O;;;; WTF!!!

Now, when I saw this, it dawned on me just how true this was! I am bored, looking for something to do so why not blog about this?

First off, an eight year old with a cell phone? And not just any cell phone usually. These kids have unlimited texting and really high tech, do anything awesome phones. Personally, I didn’t even get my first phone until I was about 14 or 15, and even then, it was some rinky dink little gadget. I can understand that sometimes a phone can be useful to them to call for emergencies, but that is why good old cell phone companies created phones like the Cricket. My brother got one when he was around eight, when he was doing baseball and going over to people’s houses more. It’s a cell phone that only allows four numbers and only those four can contact, like emergency contacts on the go. It has no texting, no pictures, nothing. Call it boring, but the child is eight years old!!! Who the heck are they going to talk with and text non-stop at eight! I think this little device is better, and safer, for those kids that aren’t even teenagers yet. They don’t need to be introduced to the cellular world at that young age. They need to be kids first! I’m sure there’s been a rise in sexting among younger ages too, because of how screwed up this world is, causing kids to grow up quicker than they need to.

Which brings me to the next big point: boyfriends at an early age. Granted, I didn’t get my first boyfriend until eighteen, and I know that’s a long time. I was waiting until a good moment to start dating, when I actually could be mature enough to handle such situations to make good decisions… and high school people are just stupid and immature twats. Heck, some college guys and girls that are too. Trust me, I dated one of each gender that were immature twats before finding a good person to date; you can definitely say that I found a good person to spend the rest of my life with too. (don’t get on me for my very short dating time either. I will probably end up explaining that in a different blog post some day.)

ANYWAYS! Eight year olds don’t know the first thing about dating or attractions. They haven’t even hit puberty yet! I don’t even call that dating; I call it playtime. The thing is young children do not need to have boyfriends or girlfriends yet, because they don’t even know what that means. There are eleven year olds that sit here and say “I love you, baby” to each other and they don’t even know what those words really mean to someone who actually knows about them. There are even people my age that don’t understand what love truly is and can be. They are saying it because they see older people saying and think it’s a requirement to dating. I have never said I love you when I didn’t truly mean it or feel it. I never said I love you to my first boyfriend because I didn’t love him. I was seeing if things would  work, and they didn’t. I didn’t feel bad about the split because I never led him on with fake I love yous or anything else. I liked him, and said I liked him but nothing more. He turned out to be a douchebag anyways. Back to the kids though!!! They can’t even go on any fun dates! What are they going to do, go to bouncey inflato play land? Well… I guess if you’re eight that is fun…

“Omg! My boyfriend took me to bouncey inflato play land!”

For the skinny jeans and make up… well, skinny jeans are cute and I don’t see what’s wrong with a young girl wearing them as long as they don’t have rips in the butt or thighs like people wear around my college, and they are the cute, appropriate brand. I love skinny jeans and I have nothing against them. In fact, my sim children wear skinny jeans. Maybe if your kid was starting to get unwanted attention, I’d say lay off the skinny jeans. Super short skirts, booty shorts, inappropriate shirts are another story. Those are no-nos without argument. The make up goes again with growing up too quickly. A child can be beautiful and shine without it; come on, they’re kids! Kids are so freaking adorable so who cares if they aren’t wearing make up! That’s for teens! It’s so unnatural to see a little girl with make up on for me. It just doesn’t fit the picture. I understand maybe a little lip gloss or something, because little girls love lip gloss. Or even blush, maybe. But, if it’s not a special occasion (even then I’m not a big fan of eye liner or mascara on children), they shouldn’t have the face of a sixteen year old.

All in all, let your kids be kids. Pokemon cards became cell phones, sweet innocent laughs became too-early-to-come snappy attitudes and “I love N’Sync!” to “Justin Beiber, I want to do it with you and have your babies!!!” I think this world is causing children too grow up too soon, and too fast.


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