{February 24, 2011}   Love

Anyone who claims he or she can describe love, does not know love.

They do not know it fully or truly, or they have never known it all.

The one who says I will try to explain love, but I promise I cannot do it justice knows love.

They feel it deep in their beings and are drawn to it.

They will say passionate words of romance and phrases of love still…

because love itself is loved as well;

but they know that love can never be successfully described.

It can only be shown in action and words to the best of one’s ability.

Love has no true definition in any language.

Love’s only definition comes from the heart, which we can never put down in words.

A true “I love you” is not just three words.

“I love you” has more meaning than what a person who does not know love can see.

I know love. I love love. I cherish love, as I cherish the one that I love.

To say that one can describe love perfectly is a foolish claim.

To accept love and to accept that words can never describe its depth…

That reveals that love is every present in that one’s heart.

Love can never be fully understood;

Only experienced.


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