{February 23, 2011}   another day

Yesterday, I got unnessarily upset at the second person I so stated in the last blog. Again, it was because of the circumstances. However, my gf brought up that I missed her and it turns out that we were both waiting for the other to say something. Even if she is still hanging around… let’s say Weasles, I am glad that we are actually speaking again. I still think she should watch the company she keeps and not be around someone that pulls her down; I’m not backing off of that thought. However, only she can do somethign about it and I shouldn’t let it ride on me like it’s been.

In other news, Glee is getting ridiculously good. The last episode was just so awesome. I will warn you now that if you are a Glee fan and have not seen the latest episode and wish to see it, you may want to stop reading… AND GO WATCH IT, YEAH!? No, really. It’s incredible. They get drunk. Go. Do it.

In this latest episode, Blaine and Rachel have a spark. The gay guy? Yes, the “gay” guy. And at the end, all seems well when he claims to be 100% gay. Yeah right! Rachel kisses him and then all of a sudden he needs to go to the bathroom? He also glanced at Kurt before saying anything. That guy is not gay because he definitely got really happy done there. He had to go the the bathroom to calm himself down. That is exactly what I think! He just didn’t want to hurt Kurt. He’s sweet, but I beg to differ on 100% gay.

Well, this has been a… random report.


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